Available Puppies

All of our puppies from Fiona’s February 23, 2018 litter have found homes

Her next breeding is planned for January 2020. Please fill out a puppy application to be placed on the waiting list and feel free to contact us if you have questions!

“Journey” and “Huey” were our pick pups and are

staying with Katie and Jonna, respectively, to pursue

careers in the show and performance rings.

“Molly” is in a wonderful home in North Carolina

Black collar/Peter is now “Zodiac” and has gone to Kentucky to another professional groomers home.

Blue collar/Billy now known as “Iorek” will be living the pampered life as a professional

groomer’s companion and contest dog in Colorado.

Light Pink collar/Cyndi is now” Zara Kamea” and will be a travel companion and master snuggler in Las Vegas!

“Bonnie” will be living with Fiona’s breeder in Kentucky.

Red collar/Phil Collins is now “Phoenix”

He lives nearby as a competitive groomer’s canvas!

Orange collar/Bono is now Xander and lives in upstate New York.