Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much grooming does a Standard Poodle really need?

The wonderful, curly, “non-shedding” coat comes with a price: frequent maintenance.  Depending on your goals, a grooming schedule will vary anywhere from weekly baths and brushouts for show coat preparation to a short all-over clip at least every other month.  Make good friends with either a slicker brush and comb or a professional groomer.  Our puppies will be exposed to grooming procedures often starting at about 3 weeks.  By the time you take them home they will have had 2-3 “mini grooms” (bath, face, feet, sanitary clip and nail trim).

  • Is crating necessary?

There will be times in your pup’s life that he or she will need to be confined for short periods.  This might be for travel, illness, visitors that don’t enjoy dogs like the rest of us do, and for potty training.  Every Gwynt puppy will learn from a very early age that their crate is a safe den.

  • What is the best food for my puppy?

We recommend a species appropriate raw diet either pre-packaged or prepared at home.  We also realize that is not always a viable option.  If you must feed a dry or canned food be sure at the minimum an identifiable meat is the first ingredient and it is free of corn, wheat, soy and dyes.  4-Health grain free formulas from Tractor supply have proven to be a high quality, affordable alternative for us when a raw diet is not feasible.

  • Why is health testing important?

Great strides have been made to identify how common ailments in poodles are passed from one generation to the next.  It is imperative that we only breed dogs that have been tested and cleared for those diseases that can diminish or even shorten their lives.  For more detailed information please visit http://www.vipoodle.org/docs/VIP_health.html Feel free to message us with any questions regarding these practices.

  • What is Limited Vaccine Protocol?

Limited vaccine protocol follows Dr. Jean Dodds recommendations for puppies and adult dogs.  It has been proven that overvaccination is the culprit in autoimmune disorders, tumors and even deaths.  The protocol institutes only the right vaccine given at the right time minimizing the risks of overvaccination while still giving our puppies the protection they need. What to expect:

9 – 10 weeks of age
Distemper + Parvovirus, MLV
14 – 15 weeks of age
Distemper + Parvovirus, MLV

18 weeks of age
Parvovirus only, MLV
Note: New research states that last puppy parvovirus vaccine should be at 18 weeks old.

20 weeks or older, if allowable by law *Follow your state’s guidelines*
Rabies – give 3-4 weeks apart from other vaccines
1 year later
Distemper + Parvovirus, MLV
This is an optional booster or titer. If the client intends not to booster after this optional booster or intends to retest titers in another three years, this optional booster at puberty is wise.

1 year later
Rabies – give 3-4 weeks apart from other vaccines
3-year product if allowable by law

*Note that by the time your puppy goes to its new home it will have only received 1 round of vaccines. It is up to you to adhere to this protocol or your veterinarian’s recommendations for the remainder of the vaccines*

  • When can I bring my new puppy home?

The puppies will stay with their littermates in an enriched environment building crucial socialization skills until 10 weeks of age.  Please do not request taking them home any sooner.

  • How will I know which puppy is right for me?

We reserve the right to select puppies for our buyers.  It is our goal to place every Gwynt puppy in just the right home.  Information from the questionnaire will help us determine which puppy (if any) will be a good fit. Input from each family is considered when puppy selections are made.

  • What is temperament testing?

Temperament testing is a series of 10 challenges that each puppy will go through at 7 weeks of age.  We will record how the puppy responds to each test and give a rating of 1-6. The results are a good indicator of adult behavior and will help us place the right puppy in the right home. Details can be found at http://www.volhard.com/pages/pat.php

  • Am I required to spay or neuter my puppy?

No. You will receive AKC limited registration and will sign a contract with a no breeding clause. We WILL pursue legal proceedings at your cost if the contract is breached.  The simple solution to this is to require sterilization by 6 months of age but recent research has indicated a higher prevalence of joint disorders in dogs that have been devoid of the developmental hormones released by the ovaries and testes before puberty (18-24 months for a standard poodle).  If spaying/neutering is desired we strongly suggest either waiting until after this timeframe or have your veterinarian perform an Ovary Sparing Spay or Vasectomy at any age.

  • How do you feel about docking tails and removing dewclaws?

We believe that tail docking is a simple procedure that contributes to the overall balance of the elegant poodle profile. Dewclaws are left to preserve the structural integrity of the front legs.

  • What if I want to breed my puppy?

Gwynt Standard Poodles has put immense time, money and effort into its ethical breeding practices and discourages making breeding an initial goal with your puppy.  However, we do offer full AKC registration with co-ownership stipulations on a case-by-case basis.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

Deposits are accepted in cash, cashier’s check, money order, online via Google Wallet or the Good Breeder network, and personal check (deposit is considered complete once the check has cleared).  The balance can be made in all the aforementioned ways at time of pickup except personal check unless received in sufficient time for bank clearance.

If you have any additional questions not covered here or would like further explanation please do not hesitate to call, email or message!